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On 3-22-2013 I went to the Customer Service booth to inquire why I had not received any promo mail or communication from the "Trop" for several months. I was referred to the Customer Service Supervisor, Richard, and after about 5 minutes of Richard searching through his computer, he informed me that "I was not spending enough to warrant any offers".

His attitude was terrible and not once did he use my name or even try to explain the criteria to be eligible to receive Tropicana "mailers".At this time I must add that I have been a 20 year regular guest at the Trop and the "Ramada" as it was formerly named, my card # is 420629,and since residing in Bullhead City for the past 3 years had been receiving regular mailers/offers/info etc which suddenly stopped after I was no longer "hosted" back in early 2012. I understand that to remain hosted would require more spending than my now status of "retired social security recipitent" can maintain, but my wife and I STILL frquently come to the Trop to gamble, dine, visit/meet friends and relax.I transgress, and I apologise for that. The object of this letter is to comment on the lack of customer service at the club booth. The customer service staff such as Cathy et.

al. are always helpful and cheerful, they were obviously NOT trained by richard who has the most negative attitude and personality and does not even try to be of any assistance. How can your "Loyal Locals" promotion possibly succeed when you have such an unprofessional person in such a key position .He must be running off more Loyal Locals than you can attract into the casino with that unsmiling and somewhat intmidating, superior attitude. I had had enough of "Richard" and was obviously wasting my time trying to get a straight answer so I asked to just cash ou what point balance I had and I would not be using the Trop any more, I'm sure other casinos would accept my money with a smile.

He issued the voucher which I took to the cage to cash in, Irene, the cage employee cashed my voucher and I explained what had transpired with the club booth. She asked for my my card to attempt to check what had taken Richard so long to unsuccessfully check. Within seconds Irene was able to inform me that there had been a comment on my account. This note read "not to send any promo/communications to my address"....Well that explained WHY I had not been getting anything in the mail.

WHY that comment on my account was there is a mystery to me.

WHY the "Customer Service"shift manager (Richard) could not tell me that is amazing. Was the man even trained to be able to use and read a computer??

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