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I recently stayed at the Tropicana for the first time. Early October 2010, I bought the upgraded room with the feather top mattress, I stayed two nights and to my consternation I found this bed to have bed bugs.

I got bit 6 times over two nights. Didn't figure out they were coming from the bed until the 2nd night or I would have moved out. When I notified the desk clerk all she said was well you should have told us after the first night so we could have moved you.

No apology, no thank you for letting them know, just putting the blame on me. I travel to Laughlin on business and you can bet I will find other accommodations in the future.

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i stayed at tropicana last night west tower 43 fl room - i was lyin in one bed and got up and saw a bed bug crawl across the bed sheet t other side of bed - i moved to other double bed and was lying down and saw one on my shirt and ripped off my shir i called front desk = they snt security to make report and switched my room he says this happens everyweek,

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