Do not stay at Tropicana Laughlin. My husband and I went there for a 2 days get away.

When reserving the room online at no time were we ever told they place a 30 dollar per day hold (on top of the room rental) for incidentals. Then we went to the buffet which consisted of 3 meats and 1 salad and 3 vegetables,that was it! And I don't call that a buffet! Then we and 5 other people we knew got food poisoning from the unclean workers.

After we got our food and were nearly finished eating it we saw the buffet person using the same dirty gloves for dirty dishes and then to bereak up and put rolls in the basket. It was sickening. So my husband and I were sick with food poisoning and they did notthing and when I attempted to get the corporate number to complain they refused to give it to me. This casino is the worst place on earth!!


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