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Tropicana Laughlin, not eat at the Carnegie Restaurant. My husband ordered GRILLED Cod and got fried batter dipped COD. When his food came he told the waitress she said "OH, the menu is wrong." Well...shouldn't she have told him that BEFORE he ordered it? She called over the Manger and that was a waste of time. All she did was say ... that is how we make it. It is PAN grilled with batter on it. SINCE WHEN is GRILLED the same as pan FRIED with batter??

So ... she did nothing. My meal came out at the same time and I said NO ...I did not order meatloaf...with carrots and mashed. I ordered Turkey with NO potato and mixed veggies which my waitress TOLD me they had. So she took my meal back and said your food will be out in 3 minutes. A while later she brought out my plate and I looked at it and said...Now I have a problem. I ordered mixed veggies and you gave me carrots and mashed. She says to me, " Oh, well they probably changed veggies now." Would you like fruit? I said I would like the mixed veggies I don't like carrots but I would prefer anything BUT NOT carrots.

Later she brought out some fruit (in a tiny side dish) I was NOT happy.. I did not want the mashed and I wanted the mixed veggies. I don't think she even tried to get my veggies but just brought me the fruit.

My husband was very disappointed as he does not eat fried foods or battered foods. He had ice tea to drink and he told me this was the worst ice tea he ever had. So all in all we had a terrible meal and it was not that cheap. The bill came and we read it and it said .... Boston Cod with French Fries. He ordered ...FROM the menu...grilled Cod with Rice... and it said Meatloaf and mashed. So evidently our waitress never even ordered us the right food anyway. We will NEVER go back there. Terrible service from our waitress AND the manager...and the food was NOT very good.

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